Day One is a journalling app for iOS and OSX and is an great app for keeping track of things during the day - be that photos or text. It's a great app and I've been using it, almost as long as I've been using a Mac. I love the fact that I can view and add entries on all my iOS devices and my Mac and that the data storage format is open (it's all XML files).

However, whilst it's a great tool and it's under active development, I feel that perhaps sometimes it would be nice to auto add some information. This is where Slogger comes in - it adds the ability to add information from Twitter, Blogs, RSS feeds and other apps. It's a great tool (once you get it working with Ruby).


Slogger is a series of Ruby script that downloads and parses data and creates Day One posts. I use a Keyboard Maestro shortcut to auto run the script and create the files which I type at the end of my daily writing (this is for Mac only, so no luck if I'm stuck with only my iPad).

This runs Slogger and creates the entries. I currently have it set up to log my tweets for the day, any entries I make on my blog and my feed.

There are some problems though - I can't seem to get the Github plugins working for whatever reason (which is a pain as I want to log commits I make on my thesis), the logger doesn't seem to log in regards to the actual time I listened to the songs (it's all over the place!). However, it's a nice piece of software and I'll be keeping my eye on it to see how it develops.