So I managed to get my last ride before Christmas today, which was to basically ride to my new workplace and then home again to see what the route was like.

The route is mainly along cycle track - in fact, I can get from Welwyn, all the way to St Albans on a cycle route that is off road and away from cars. However, the last section of the route sees me back on the road to head down towards Watford and Garston, but short of a small section on an A road, it seemed to be ok.

Today's weather was horrendously windy, so what I thought was to take me about an hour one way actually took an hour and half on one way and 50 minutes on the way back!

Odin's Ride

It was only Odin's second trip out (my Dawes Galaxy Cross).

I've not yet quite sorted out how I'll be carrying everything I need to, such as pump etc. I've got the Carradice SQR Mount that I can install for my saddlebag, though I think the version I have hear is for wider seat posts than I actually have on the bike (I'd ordered the Brompton sized ones). As such, I'll need to order a smaller mounting bracket before I can use the saddlebag so in the mean time, it's the pannier racks.

I stopped to take the photo because I managed to get a tree stuck in my wheel!

Twig stuck in the wheel
Twig stuck in the wheel

It had got itself jammed in there pretty hard but on the plus side, I didn't fly over the handle bars.

The ride back made me realise that I'd made a good choice with the bike, even if it's taking some used to using a full range of gears of again and that I've three levels of gearing!

It's a nice bike, though I did find that on some small sharp inclines (out of a subway for example) that you really needed it in the right gear or you were going to struggle getting it anywhere!

Riding to work a few days a week is my plan and this shows that it can be done. However, during the dark might be out, as the majority of the route is on an unlit path all the way from Hatfield to St Albans and then the road from work to St Albans is quite a busy and dark road. Looks like strong lights and a good reflectors might be needed. Part of me wanted to look at an electric bike when I moved but I think that idea might have to be tabled for a while yet...