Varia Radar Light

It’s been on my wish list for a while, but I finally purchased a Varia Radar Light (Varia RTL515) recently from Amazon, as it was on offer. However, I didn’t keep it very long and it was used for a day before returning. Perhaps I was expecting too much of it or that my use case wasn’t the best example of it. Radar The light uses radar to detect cars behind you and alert you to the fact on your head unit.

Geocaching Trip

Geocaching trip A quick geocaching trip seemed to be in order this weekend to grab the new souvenir that was released for palindrome day. To get the souvenir, only a single geocache was needed, and that was initially all I decided to head out to get, but as I planned it, I ended up thinking I could do a nice loop and get more than just a single cache. It would also be a chance to get out and explore the local area by bike, so that’s what I did.

Brompton in Switzerland

At the end of November, I had to go to Geneva for work - a one day workshop at CERN on fire risk. Considering it was the area I completed my PhD in and work were paying, what was not to like? Anyhow, after some serious thought, I decided that I’d take my Brompton with me to Switzerland and that I’d enjoy some cycling around Geneva collecting some geocaches. I say serious thought, as it would mean that I would have to pay the Easyjet baggage fee to get there and back again!