Geocaching Trip

Geocaching trip A quick geocaching trip seemed to be in order this weekend to grab the new souvenir that was released for palindrome day. To get the souvenir, only a single geocache was needed, and that was initially all I decided to head out to get, but as I planned it, I ended up thinking I could do a nice loop and get more than just a single cache. It would also be a chance to get out and explore the local area by bike, so that’s what I did.

2018 Geocaching

So 2018 was pretty much the year I started geocaching and it’s been a good year - however, we’ll see if 2019 can beat 2018! Avro Round Walk The first day of my Christmas holiday saw me undertake the Avro Round geocache route around the old Avro factory and airfield in Poynton. It was a bit of a muddy walk in fairness as the image below shows! It was a nice route, especially as it was aviation themed (and builders of the two most recognisable British bombers, the Vulcan and Lancaster).

TALBOL Geocaching Series

With some spare time at the weekend, I thought that I would get some practise in for my LEL award and I wanted to team this up with a geocaching trail that I’d seen. This way, I could go out and enjoy a day hike, whilst getting in some geocaching. Route I’d done some hikes in the Peak District for cadets recently and had seen a number of caches with the acronym TAL - on a bit of digging, this appears to be short for The Alien Landings.


My cycling has seemed to have dropped off somewhat since moving to Manchester. A downside to moving away from the London Brompton Club perhaps as I’ve not found a club up here that I’ve fancied doing much riding with as it’s not quite as welcoming and social as the LBC has been. I think that also weekend training exercises with cadets isn’t helpful to getting rides in at the weekend either!